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A meditation for you: Listen deeply

                                                                 Pause...and listen deeply to your body. What is your body telling you?

Are you aware of your habit energy?

In SAVOR, we share a classic Zen story about a man riding a horse.  The horse is galloping quickly, and it appears that the rider is urgently heading somewhere important.  A bystander along the road calls out, "Where are you going?" The rider replies, "I don't know!  Ask the horse!"  

Our Children's Health: Fighting Childhood Obesity

Good news from Massachusetts to help control the child obesity epidemic:  a pioneering effort to ensure that our children get a healthier school lunch. The School Nutrition Bill was passed in the Massachusetts Senate last week, 37-0 after being approved by the House, 152-4.

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Savor: We begin our journey

Today we celebrate the release of Savor and the beginning of a beautiful community of people dedicated to mindful eating and living. Thank you to the many individuals and sanghas that have made this book possible. With great honor and pleasure I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

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Food For Thought & A Savoring Meditation

I enjoy this Sunday and contemplate the beauty of each moment. I drink a cup of tea and consider the vapors that move through my nose and mouth, the tea soothes my throat, calms my mind and warms my being.

A Sunday Reflection for Savoring:

The past is already gone.
It is not the present.
With each present moment, there is an opportunity of a new beginning.

Seize it!


How Sweet is Your Drink?

I invite you to try this at home: Go into your kitchen and spoon ten teaspoons of sugar into a bowl. Would you ever sit down to eat this much sugar, all at once? Probably not. But if you drink sugar-containing beverages—soft drinks, sweetened iced teas, energy drinks, sports drinks, smoothies, even fruit juice—you can easily consume that much sugar or more in just a few gulps. A 12 ounce can of Coca Cola has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it, about the same as a 12 ounce bottle of 100% orange juice. Grape juice has even more—about 15 teaspoons of sugar in 12 ounces.

Welcome to the Savor Blog!

Here you will find posts to inspire and complement your mindful living practices. As we continue to devote ourselves everyday to mindful living, we discover new joys and hardships. These experiences, and the knowledge that results from them, are personally enriching but may also help other Savor community members to reach their goals.This is why we are devoted to sharing everything. Some examples include:

  • easy on the go granola recipes
  • meditations we can practice at work
  • the latest nutrition and weight loss news


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