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Here you will find posts to inspire and complement your mindful living practices. As we continue to devote ourselves everyday to mindful living, we discover new joys and hardships. These experiences, and the knowledge that results from them, are personally enriching but may also help other Savor community members to reach their goals.This is why we are devoted to sharing everything. Some examples include:

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We will highlight special guests that have dedicated themselves to nutrition, "green" living, weight loss and mindfulness so that we may share their stories, tips and knowledge. This blog is yours to direct,so please let us know what subjects you find most interesting. Whether you'd like to learn more about Thich Nhat Hanh 's spiritual practice,have nutrition questions you'd like to explore, want suggestions for manageable exercise goals or are interested in getting connected with mindful living sanghas (communities) in your area, we've got experts on hand who can facilitate these discussions.Savor is much more than aweight loss tool, it is a sangha of individuals intertwined in the search for a healthier, more joyful life.We are here to support one another through the sharing of knowledge,feedback, understanding and happiness.This blog is one of the many tools on www.savorthebook.com that will enable individual growth and assist in the development of a community devoted to the love of life.We invite you to explore the many other resources available on www.savorthebook.com by looking at our resources and links pages. If there's anything you'd like more of, don't be shy this is the place to let us know. We are listening and excited to share.
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I have the opposite problem: keeping weight on (my friends describe me as having hummingbird metabolism). But the principle is the same, I think, and I think I share a common problem with some of my friends who struggle with their weight. Eating simple, healthy foods that are good for me and for the earth, rather than turning to foods with unhealthy calories in an attempt to keep my weight up. Over the years, my commitment to organic, sustainable foods grown locally has increased, and also to cooking from scratch (it takes no more time than packaged food!). I love to cook, and am looking forward to learning about new recipes and new foods.

This sounds timely. During summer retreat at Mountain Lamp here in Washington state, I made mindful eating a big part of my practice. We all had to write gathas and one of mine was--
"When eating,
I vow with all beings
To chew each bite mindfully,
Take a breath,
And taste all that I am being given."
It continues to be part of my lay practice. It is always a challenge for me to be present to what is in my mouth.
The gatha has made a big difference though. It draws me back to the present. It slows me down. It allows me to be with a single moment and at same time become more aware of the inner-connectedness of all things.
I look forward to growing with this practice as I read Savor.

Congratulations on the upcoming publication of this wonderful book and the creation of this mindful, social network. This level of thoughtfulness and communication is deeply needed in this world - and I thank you for helping to manifest it.

Thank you, we hope to hear more about your mindful practice in our Savor community!

I am looking for a way to incorporate my healthy eating with mindfullness. I intend to buy the book today. I remember the book"Chop wood Carry water" and how helpful the practice of mindfullness was to my struggle with mental health at the time.