Welcome to the Savor Community!

This community is inspired by the book Savor, written by Thich Nhat Hanh & Dr. Lilian Cheung, which offers us practical solutions for maintaining healthy weight and improving our mental and emotional health through the practice of mindfulness.

This environment is ours to share questions, recipes, meditations, reflections and more, (the possibilities are ever-expanding because this is our space!) We can offer our favorite ways to eat balanced, local, “green” diets and enjoy every bite!

Losing weight, keeping the weight off, changing habits and creating new goals can be hard work! We're here to support each other through this amazing process.

The Savor community is full of people, just like you, working everyday toward more joy and peace through mindful eating and living.

As a community we have incredible strength and power. Let's share our stories, our challenges and our successes, so that we may all rise to our healthy weight and mindfulness goals.