New Year & The Art of Remanifestation

The New Year is an opportunity for us to reflect on our priorities, actions and emotions. It is a reminder that every moment is a chance for mindful change. All is impermanent. We are in what Thich Nhat Hanh calls a constant state of “remanifestation.”

“If we observe the things around us, we find that nothing comes from nothing. Before its so-called birth, the flower already existed in other forms -- clouds, sunshine, seeds, soil, and many other elements. Rather than birth and rebirth, it is more accurate to say "manifestation" (vijñapti) and "remanifestation." The so-called birthday of the flower is really a day of its remanifestation. It has already been here in other forms, and now it has made an effort to remanifest. Manifestation means its constituents have always been here in some form, and now, since conditions are sufficient, it is capable of manifesting itself as a flower. When things have manifested, we commonly say they are born, but in fact, they are not. When conditions are no longer sufficient and the flower ceases to manifest, we say the flower has died, but that is not correct either. Its constituents have merely transformed themselves into other elements, like compost and soul,” (Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ, New York: Riverhead Books, 1995, pp 133-135).

When conditions are sufficient, peace, joy and happiness will manifest. We experience this beauty in all parts of our world. Our spirit is invigorated when we encounter vivid examples of what is possible within an impermanent existence: a sunrise, birth, creation, understanding.

Please enjoy these artistic depictions of remanifestation. You may wish to save these pieces to your desktop or print and hang a favorite image next to your Mindful New Year’s Resolution Certificate as a reminder of what is available in every moment.

I invite you to share remanifestation art with our Savor Sangha, here or on the Mindful New Year’s Resolution wall.

Breaking Away, Reena Mary

Breaking Away, Reena Mary

White Lotus, Judy Ha Do

Judy Ha Do

Peace Talks, Caroline Hands

Peace Talks, Caroline

Bamboo Trees, Judy Ha Do

Judy Ha Do