Savoring Sweets

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Mindful eating is not only for foods  that are “good for us.” In fact, sweets are some of the best foods to savor as they are so rich in flavor.

Celebrate the holidays with mindful eating. You can feel more satisfied and happy while enjoying your favorite desserts.

When you enter a social situation with sweets, first ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” If the answer is yes, ask yourself:  “Do I really want to eat something sweet right now?  Or, do I want to eat something else first?" If you really want to eat something sweet, accept this with kindness and understanding instead of feeling guilty.

If you choose a sweet treat like a cookie, enjoy that cookie to its fullest, especially if it is a special holiday recipe that is only made this time of year. Look at it. Appreciate the creativity, love, ingredients and hard work that brought this treat to you.

Smell it.  Take small bites. How does this dessert feel on your tongue and mouth? What flavors do you discover as you chew? If you pay attention, the dessert will unfold for you, in layers of sweet, savory, bitter, salty, buttery, even spicy.

Try not to be distracted from the joy available as you taste this sweet treat. If you do, you will miss the pleasure from the cookie. Pleasure is available if we are fully present with each bite and not when we are mindlessly over-consuming—or eating while full of guilt.

Share the happiness afterward. Contact the baker and give specific praise, offering some positive feedback and even suggestions.

If you make sweets for friends and family, encourage your loved ones to savor them. You can do this through your presentation: use special plates and matching colors. Call attention to the dessert. Invite everyone to take a cookie and name all the ingredients that were used. Explain how you made them, where you found the recipe and why you like this particular recipe.

Savoring Sweets Meditation

Savoring this sweet treat, I breathe in
Enjoying each bite, I breathe out

Thanking my taste buds, I breathe in
Thanking the creator of the sweets, I breathe out

Looking for a new dessert to share?

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