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Recycling Our Blessings

The last thing a grumpy person may want to hear is ‘count your blessings.’ Potentially condescending and dismissive, this advice feels more like a knock down than a hand up.  Our emotions are legitimate, and it’s important to accept them -- not suppress them or replace them with positivity.

Cultivate Love & Gratitude: Inspiration. Meditation.

Dear Savor Community,  

Let’s use this time, in the wake of Thanksgiving, to nurture the deep seeds of gratitude within us.  We can water these seeds each day, by pausing to notice and embrace the love that flows through to connect us all. Like making way for water to run, we carve out time and attention in our lives, so that we may fully accept the gifts of life.

Breathing in, I open my heart to receive love.

Breathing out, I smile with thanks.

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