A Bicycling Meditation

bicycle meditation

Meditation by Laura Smeaton 
Photo by Tracy Powell

For me, bicycling is a mindfulness exercise. 

When I’m bicycling – whether commuting, running errands, training for fitness, or just riding to meet friends --all I’m doing is bicycling.  No chatting on the phone, watching TV/videos in the background, or listening to music… just bicycling. 

My senses are honed and focused --- looking and listening for obstacles to avoid. 

Focusing on the present moment of where I’m cycling, while a necessity from a safety point-of-view, also helps quiet the chatter in my mind.   

There’s a definite rhythm to the consistent cadence of pedaling that helps keep time, similar to breathing during sitting meditation.  When I feel my heart pounding after an especially challenging ascent, I remember I’m alive! 

Stop lights are a welcome rest to halt pedaling for a few moments, and take a few deep breaths and then a swig of water to replenish. 

When I arrive at my destination, I feel glad and ready to be there, as the journey of cycling has been my moving meditation.   


Yes I love riding my bike, it gets me out of my head into my body, it grounds me yet the joy of the rythmic movement lifts me. It's the bike and me.