Mindful New Year's Resolution Workshop

Start the New Year off with mindfulness. Make a serious pledge to yourself.  Begin writing a Mindful New Year’s Resolution. This resolution is a promise to yourself, and putting it in writing will help you see clearly what you intend to achieve in the coming months.  People who make resolutions are likely to be more successful in changing their behavior than people who do not.

Begin with this New Beginnings Meditation if you’d like help in creating your mindfulness resolution:

Breathing in, I am aware of all nutriments, habits and people who are not supportive of my well-being,
Breathing out, I release and let go of all that which is not helping me toward wellness.

Breathing in, I see wellness in me.
Breathing out, I am determined to change for the better with mindful thoughts and actions.

Print the attached certificate and fill in your name and resolution. Choose a special place to post your certificate, a spot where you will see it often, or where you need the most prompting to remain mindful—say, next to your desk, at the computer, beside your bed, or on the fridge.

Share your resolution and browse those of other Savor Sangha members on the Mindful Resolution Wall.

New Year's Resolution Certificate


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